Insure your commercial building against the unexpected and guarantee a quick restart in case of damage.

Your enterprise owns one (or more) commercial building(s). A place where your employees enjoy coming to work. Indoor company assets such as production machines or technical equipment are also of great value. You want to protect your assets optimally against damage, loss and destruction. Insure your company building(s) and assets against the unexpected, guarantee your enterprise a quick restart in case of damage and safeguard your valuable investments.

Our solutions

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All Risk Electronics

Within your enterprise, you and your employees use hardware, software and other electronic devices on a daily basis. An All Risk Electronics insurance covers sudden and unforeseen material damage to or loss of your electrical and electronic equipment.
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Fire insurance

You furnish your premises as safely as possible, yet fire or water damage can never be completely ruled out. A Fire insurance protects your premises and assets against the risk of fire and other damage and the associated material loss.
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Business interruption insurance

Your enterprise is hit by a serious claim such as fire or machinery breakdown. This results in loss of turnover and net profits. A Business interruption insurance intervenes until the financial situation is normalised again.
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Machine breakdown

Human error is the biggest cause of damaged or defective machinery, but such damage is not covered by your supplier's warranty. A supplementary Machine breakdown insurance is therefore appropriate to ensure the continuity of your machinery.
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Objective Liability

As the owner of a public property, you are objectively liable for any potential damage suffered by your visitors, representatives or other third parties as a result of a fire or explosion. You are therefore required to take out an Objective Liability insurance for your property.

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