Protect yourself and your self-employed activity from the financial consequences of a claim.

Both in your professional life and in your private life, you come into contact with different people. In everyday business, you know that damages to third parties are not unthinkable and you always act to the best of your ability. When damage claims and claimed amounts are high, good liability insurance is essential. It intervenes in the costs and protects you and your family from the financial consequences of a claim. You thus protect your capital and the continuity of your self-employed activity.

Our solutions

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Civil Liability Profession

Within your specialisation, you offer your clients professional advice or expertise. Always carefully, but never risk-free. The Civil Liability Profession insurance protects you against third-party claims for damages.
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Civil Liability Exploitation

While carrying out your self-employed professional activity, there is always a risk of damage to third parties. The Civil Liability Exploitation insurance guarantees the continuity of your professional activity
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Directors' Liability

If your decision causes financial damage to your company or third parties, you are personally liable for it. A Directors' Liability insurance protects your personal assets.

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