Opt for a tailor-made precautionary plan that best protects yourself and your family.

Good health is invaluable. Illness or physical injury not only has an emotional impact, but also has financial challenges. Therefore, when unfortune strikes you or your family, you want to be prepared and insured for what follows. You count on a precautionary plan that intervenes in the costs, a health insurance that protects and secures your financial future. That way, you and your family can focus on what really matters - recovering.

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Hospital costs for an admission in case of illness, accident or childbirth can be high, with limited intervention by the mutual insurance company. An Hospitalisation insurance offers you and your family peace of mind when needed.
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You protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of an accident. A Private Accidents insurance covers accidents that occur at home, indoors or outdoors, and while practising a sport or hobby.
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Holidays are all about carefree enjoyment. A Travel insurance, either umbrella annual or temporary and one-off, protects you against damage or unforeseen expenses during your holiday, weekend trip or day trip.

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