Choose a good wealth plan and maximise the return on your accumulated capital.

You work hard for your professional success, aiming for a financially healthy future for you and your family. Your assets are growing along with you. You want to manage, structure and invest that capital optimally so that it generates maximum returns. To achieve this, you count on a good wealth plan with a well thought-out tailored financial strategy and various investment simulations. The certainty of well-managed assets gives you the peace of mind that your goals and ambitions will become reality.

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Work incapacity

Loss of income is a real risk when you are self-employed and drop out due to illness or accident. A Guaranteed Income insurance provides a monthly replacement income during the period of your inactivity.
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Pension insurance

When you have a self-employed status, your statutory pension is limited. Building up additional pension capital, possibly in the form of various formulas, is therefore appropriate.
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When disaster strikes, you want your family and dependants to be financially protected. Within a Decease insurance policy, the capital you have insured can be used by your next of kin.

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