Insure your home practice or commercial building against the unexpected and guarantee a quick restart in case of damage.

You carry out your self-employed activity in a space attached to your home or as the owner of a commercial building. Not only the exterior, but also your indoor assets are of great value. You therefore want to protect both in the best possible way against damage, loss and destruction. Insure your patrimony, at home or externally, against the unexpected, guarantee your business activities a quick restart in case of damage and secure your investments.

Our solutions

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All Risk Electronics

While performing your professional activity, you use hardware, software and other electronic equipment. In case of sudden and unforeseen damage to or loss of your electrical and electronic equipment, an All Risk Electronics insurance intervenes.
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Fire Profession

A Fire insurance for the profession protects the space or building where you carry out your business activity and your assets against damage and possible material loss.
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Fire Private home

Your private home is an expensive investment. A Fire insurance protects you and your family from the financial consequences of fire or water damage and additionally intervenes in the event of glass breakage, damage to electrical, vandalism and your liability to third parties.

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