Protect your co-owned property from the consequences of fire or other damage.

You fall under the co-ownership regime when you are a syndicator, co-owner, tenant or COA member of a communal building. That type of building requires a different insurance approach than traditional buildings and homes. A package that goes beyond fire insurance alone and insures and protects the overall security of and improvements to the building and your share within this co-ownership. Thus, you as a share together with your co-owners secure the bigger picture.

Our solutions

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Block policy

A Block policy is the umbrella fire insurance policy for the entire communal building. This insurance ensures more efficient and unified handling in case of damage.
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As a syndic, you are responsible for the day-to-day management of your co-ownership. The insurance package is tailor-made and should be adapted to the specific features of your building.
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Together with your COA, you take out the right insurance policies that fully and correctly cover damage to your building. This offers you and your co-owners the security and peace of mind of a well-managed building.

Tailored insurance solution?

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