Save yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a claim.

As in your professional life, you also come into contact with different people in your private life. You always act to the best of your ability and are aware that damage to third parties is a real risk in everyday business. However, these damage claims and amounts claimed can quickly mount up. A complete liability insurance covering your private life and leisure activities is therefore essential to protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a claim.

Our solutions

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Civil Liability Hunting

You love to go hunting in your spare time. A Civil Liability Hunting insurance protects you from the financial consequences of physical or material damage to third parties while hunting.
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Civil Liability Private Life

In your private life, you are liable for your actions, those of your family and pets. When damage is caused to third parties at home, on the road or elsewhere, a Civil Liability Private Life insurance intervenes.
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You enjoy using digital tools and devices. Yet home computer crime is an underestimated risk. A Cyber insurance protects you, your family and your data assets from online threats.

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